enzo mari and gabriele pezzini : che fare


Gabriele Pezzini and Enzo Mari


'che fare' (what to do) - a question without a question mark.

'does this emptiness refer to my person only? what are the other million 'designers' - most of them young designers- doing? I guess that all of them want a non-alienated job and I know the majority doesn't find one. some designers dream of a possible transformation, ... generally, a product comes to life in the dialogue between a designer and an entrepreneur. the designer is responsible for the 'shape', entrepreneurs are responsible for the economic aspects of the product's realization, and also of how to impose it on a fiercely competitive market. from my own experience I realized that a good product can be created when a practical and efficient entrepreneur embraces at least 20% of the designer's utopia! this happens very rarely.' enzo mari

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This perfectly captures the sentiment I recall from my one-time professor, Enzo Mari.