Photographer Peter Hapak is reimagining the way a still image conveys performance in motion. 

When we commissioned him to shoot Beck's image for the launch of the Hello, Again campaign, our new conceptualization of David Bowie’s classic “Sound and Vision”, photographer Peter Hapak reimagined the typical performance portrait. He documented the experience through a series of moving images, a technique that originated from old techniques and new visions. He looked to the old techniques of motion-photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge and art director Alexey Brodovitch to capture the vibe of Beck as he reimagined David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision,' for the campaign kickoff experience. The unique approach to portraiture was a direct interpretation of the launch event performance (a reimagined performance for a reimagined brand). 

Because Beck's musical experience incorporated over 170 musicians in a 360 degree space with Beck at the center, Hapak photographed beyond a single image, redefining the immersive experience through moving images. I worked with filmmaker Roberto Serrini to make a film that peels back the layers to uncover his creative vision and process, to bring the story and campaign to new audiences through native channels and conversation.

With these materials, we were able to celebrate more of the creative team behind the campaign while also appealing to additional interest communities, like photography.


We extended the experience in film on Vimeo, on LincolnNow as long-form content (below), and through Twitter and Facebook as real-time publishing opportunities.

Long form article published to client content hub, Lincoln Now.

Long form article published to client content hub, Lincoln Now.