Gary Clark Junior, who was a guest performer during the 2017 Grammy Awards, was featured in our TV spot for Lincoln that ran during the live broadcast. To create extended content for audiences online, I built out two documentary-style stories for music audiences: one about GCJ and one about the custom amp maker we also worked with for the amp featured in the spot, Ben Fargen.

Here I wanted to dig a little deeper on how Gary thinks about his music and why it's important to him, to give his fan base something unique while also providing a little inside info for new fans who saw him for the first time at the Grammys.

Next up, I wanted to get the inside story on how Fargen amps got started, what makes it unique, and dig into the inside world of amplifier customization for more technical music audiences who we targeted online during the event. 

I also cut together a social teaser that was published to targeted music audiences during the Grammys, with a click-through leading them to extended content on the Lincoln website.

I also had the pleasure of working with my friend, Joshua Allen Harris, on the photography supporting this campaign. There was a lot of camera-dodging during the quick shoot with both video and still teams working simultaneously, but that's how we typically roll.