Lincoln Now

content planning + editorial DEVELOPMENT

"Lincoln Now" is a branded content destination where stories that represent the brand values are placed, resulting in a carefully curated brand magazine. With each campaign or event that the brand took part in from 2012-2017, I worked with my team in the Brand Publishing Lab to identify stories that can extend the message of the campaign (and ROI) to online audiences. Social campaigns are created around these stories, driving traffic back into this branded destination through conversations that the brand could not otherwise participate in.

With Lincoln Now, Lincoln explores the most intriguing artisans, makers and craftspeople in the fields of art, design, fashion, cuisine, engineering, and beyond. Through the publication, we highlight unique stories through provoking articles, conversations, imagery, and film: from those working persistently with their hands to creative modern masterpieces to those using technology to enhance and inspire the world. 

site design

Lincoln Now was previously a section on that published articles about Lincoln from a variety of third parties. The site was hard-coded and took an average of three weeks to publish content: hardly a recipe for agile real time success. I worked with the team at Hugo & Marie to completely revamp the website on the Wordpress platform, making it a blog-like publication that led with visuals, videos, and long-form content for a more user-friendly experience, with more enticing "snackability" and sharing capabilities. Lincoln Now is now a comprehensive storytelling platform designed to celebrate individuality and the Lincoln Motor Company. 

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