Two of the biggest challenges in making brand content are first, not pushing a hard sell (hello, ad-blockers), and second, to make something that's actually entertaining while showing product or brand traits. 

To launch Lincoln's flagship car, the 2017 Lincoln Continental, we built a story that embraced the product concept: "we go out into the world, we get inspired, we bring it home," which is a part of the nameplate's heritage from the days of Edsel Ford. Filmmaker Matty Brown has a way of creating travel documentaries that feel like emotional memories, and I wanted to write a brief specifically for him because I knew he could uniquely nail that idea of going out into the world and getting inspired. To achieve the idea of "bringing it home", we adapted the script to be a voice message, presumably sent home to a loved one. We also incorporated the six key design features of the vehicle in a subtle yet detailed way to give a strong sense of product. 

I loved making this film - it was the last piece to publish that I directed for Lincoln.