To build content appealing to the target audiences of the Lincoln MKX, who love regional travel, interesting culinary experiences, and the performing arts, we set out to make 4 films in target market regions across the US, and created extended content including written articles and social photography to complete the package. In addition, we developed another dozen content packages without films in these key regions. The result gave Lincoln inroads to connect with new audiences over shared interests, while subtly demonstrating details of the MKX product. 

My goal was to bring together creative collaborators who are great at demonstrating the dream of travel, with the added goal of digging a little deeper into the people and stories you come across when you're on the road. This gives audiences a "why" to connect over, and some insider details to share over cocktails, ideally. (If they'd share it over cocktails, they share it online, too!)

Pacific Northwest: THE OYSTER FARMER


As creative director, my goal for this film was to create a warm, human, personal story that could subtly and authentically integrate product while appealing to audiences interested in travel and the culinary arts. I chose a multi-generational oyster farm off the Puget Sound as the subject, and structured the story to provide insider knowledge on the location, the local flavor, and on the farmers' process of cultivating some of the finest oysters in the world.



We created this film to showcase one of the country's most unique performing arts experiences, in order to connect with the interests of Lincoln's target market for the Lincoln MKX. The RDT has one of the oldest living archives of modern dance remaining in the world, and was initially created as part of the Rockefeller initiative to decentralize the arts outside of NYC for the rest of the US to enjoy. We leaned into the idea of the ensemble with this film, using the voices of most of the dance company to narrate the piece.



Designed to appeal to culinary fans traveling in the Mid-Atlantic region, we profiled the chef who turned a career as a Manhattan-based recipe chef into a life as a pastural cooking school guide. At the Farm Cooking School, city dwellers and suburbanites alike come to learn to cook straight from the garden. 



This film was created to highlight a local culinary gem in the Boston-area community of Somerville where classic pastry chefs take a uniquely creative approach to the humble donut. We worked with Union Square Donuts, a small family business, to appeal to culinary enthusiasts traveling in the Northeast, for a target market interested in partaking in unique experiences in the worlds of food, design, and performing arts.