The perfect place to be

It was such a pleasure working with Joshua Kang and the Vimeo team to pull this story together. They responded to our brief to build a narrative around an interpretation of living "In The Moment" with a story of a couple searching for their "perfect place to be" only to realize it's wherever they are together. 

The team created amazing photos to compliment the film and we posted not only the film and long form content we'd developed, but these sequences of photographs that seemed to extend the story beyond the film by giving a glimpse of what content the characters themselves might have captured on a road trip. We extended the content across Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and in the process engaged brand, film, and pop culture audiences in each space. For added effectiveness, we used paid social to target the filmmaking audience, as well as audiences interested in this genre of narrative, all the way down to the product target market, exposing various audiences to the semiotics of the product and a beautiful film.

Role: Creative Director; Director of Strategy and Publishing


Production company: Sea Chant
Written and directed by: Joshua Kang & Carissa Gallo
Director of photography: Joshua Kang
Art director: Carissa Gallo
Producer: Andrew Gallo
Cast: Adam Baz & Ashley Vaughan
Set photographer: Carissa Gallo
Editor: Andrew Gallo
Behind-the-scenes film: Michael J Spear