Open Your Eyes

As we culled down a shortlist of three treatments to work with in building branded content to launch the Lincoln MKC, it was interesting to see how relationships on the other end of the treatments gelled. Two filmmakers, Diego Contreras and Khalid Mohtaseb, ended up collaborating on both their films and in the process created two distinct narratives united in aesthetic.

This film, Open Your Eyes, is a tale of new-found hope. Through Mohtaseb's lens, we’re launched into the deep and dark thoughts of an elderly man who struggles to adapt to his recent blindness. His wife has passed and his daughter has moved into the city for work, leaving him to live an isolated life in his secluded Louisiana farm house. When, for his 70th birthday, his daughter plans a surprise journey to all the places that marked his childhood, he begins to regain hope and a sense of joy for life. Narrated through a thank-you poem written by the father to his daughter, the film invites us to recognize the beauty that surrounds us in each moment, even when we cannot see it. Even when the beauty is nostalgia and faded memories.

Role: Creative Director; Director of Strategy & Publishing


Writer and Director: Diego Contreras
Cast: Lafair Hebert, Jessica Swopshire
Director Of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb


Once again, we extended the story by creating long form content about the creative process behind the film. We broke the film down into snackable content segments, and targeted new audiences across social channels using paid tactics.

Screengrab of animated Tumblr unit.

Screengrab of animated Tumblr unit.