To extend the feeling of sanctuary the Lincoln designers had in mind when they built the MKC, we developed a brief asking filmmakers to construct a narrative around what happens when you clear away the chaos and focus on the present moment. Diego Contreras responded with a treatment for Bloom, a story about taking risks.

As the short film opens, we meet Isabella, an Argentinian girl arriving in the U.S. for the very first time to visit a long-time friend. Looking to escape the monotony of everyday life, Isabella finds herself in a remote West Coast mountain town armed with nothing but her luggage and scant understanding of the English language. Upon realizing her luggage was mixed up at the airport, she embarks on an unexpected journey with a stranger, one that flips her world upside down. Limited by language barriers, these two strangers must find new ways to convey even simple thoughts and ideas, and the silence between them makes room for deeper meaning.

We worked with Diego to make the film a reality, complete with product integration, and set about building additional content to extend the story as much as possible. Digging a little deeper into the process to create content that would appeal to an emergent film audience, we wrote a backstory on how the film came together. We deconstructed the scenes to build photo essays, we made GIFs for our friends on Tumblr, and even pulled out a few scenes to target the Valentine's Day crowd.

You can find the rest of the content for the In the Moment campaign here.

Directors: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb
Cast: Florencia Chiaramoni, James Mackay


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