The 2014 Lincoln MKZ was the first vehicle to be revealed after the relaunch of the Lincoln Motor Company brand in 2012. The new brand approach was warm, human, and progressive, and we wanted to capture that spirit by telling the story of the design development through the voice of the individuals who worked closest on the project. We were granted rare access inside the Product Design Studio, where we interviewed members of the design team.

This is where I first realized that Detroit is really an art town, and these auto workers are really craftsmen and artisans who sketch, sculpt, carve, and paint new ideas everyday. It was inspiring to see members of this community rally around the Lincoln brand, and to witness the pride they took in being a part of its rebirth.

The Artisans film series was really born out of this first shoot, and we've aimed to extend the stories of these unique individuals and the designs they build, ever since.