The artisans of lincoln: MKC 


The Lincoln MKC was the first vehicle completely designed by the new dedicated Lincoln team, and the energy in the design studio was different for this project than what I had noticed for the MKZ.

Many of the craftsmen who work in the studio grew up in Detroit, and come from a long line of auto workers. There seemed to be a gravity surrounding the launch of this vehicle as all hands were on deck, working to save this legendary American brand.

This community knows everything there is to know about cars; their eyes are trained to adjust shapes by millimeters; and while they have the finest machines that money can buy, they rely on their bare hands to perfect the finishing touches on their design models - still formed from clay, like they were in the beginning.

Nearly everyone I spoke with had a story about their uncle or their grandpa working for the old Lincoln, and I could hear the awe in their voices as they spoke about the day they first began to apprentice in a local shop, and the day they came to work in the studio. Listen to a few stories like this and you'll understand, it's not just a brand to them, it's a family.

We tried to capture some of that knowledge, love, and pride in this content; and we tried to dig a little deeper into the inner workings of the design team.

This content was created for digital/social, and was subsequently used in a number of brand and partner channels for an array of audiences. We also created micro-stories for weekly social posts from the design studio, entitled #MakerMondays.

Long form content can be found on Lincoln Now here.


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