We partnered with recording artist Aloe Blacc to create an immersive digital experience for Lincoln's 2014 Grammys campaign. To support the overarching sales campaign, "Luxury Uncovered", which encouraged audiences to ask the right questions of their favorite luxury car brands without simply taking advertising at face value, we echoed the theme in "Music Uncovered". We asked our artistic partners, like Blacc, to peel back the layers behind their music, to explain the how and the why behind their work, all the while encouraging audiences in social spaces to consider the same. Aloe Blacc graciously walked us through his creative process, and talked to us about WHY he creates the songs he does. 

We used this content to appeal to cultural audiences in ways the original campaign could not. By speaking to the craft behind the content, we were able to reach new audiences, and in some cases provide a richer total experience by demonstrating the brand values through results and process.